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“Corporate Governance”. Where does it come from?

The term "corporate governance". Where does it come from? Bob Tricker of The Corporate Policy Group says in his book Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies, and Practices that "50 Years ago we knew remarkably little about the reality of board-level behaviour.  Many ideas are now being discussed around the world – improving strategic decision-making, alternative board structures read more..

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As your corporate culture goes, so does your company

Every great company requires a foundation, and the foundation of a company is its culture.  Every employee should say “It’s my company, so I want to drive the culture”.  If you fail to shape the culture in your business, then society will do it for you. However, just establishing culture, your foundation, is not enough because read more..

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Corporate governance, ethics and values

A framework for corporate governance Corporate governance is the framework of laws, regulations, internal policies and procedures controlling the way in which businesses operate. These are both external to the enterprise and internally formulated rules as defined by the shareholders and/or the board from time to time. It is increasingly also determined by other stakeholders read more..

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