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Seven pitfalls awaiting non-executive directors

Corporate governance in South Africa differentiates between non-executive directors (“NED”) and independent directors (“ID”) of companies. An ID is defined as a person who has no interest, position, association or relationship with the company or its executives. NEDs by definition are neither full-time executives nor IDs. We will refer to both of these as NEDs read more..

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Virtual shareholder meetings – six issues to consider

Shareholders are not present - they log in to virtual meetings from home... National Lockdown Corporate South Africa has been in national lockdown since late March.  However, business life must go on.  This includes the fact that boards of all companies have struggled to call shareholders' meetings.  The only option is to opt for virtual read more..

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Corporate boards: its role and function

I find it interesting and informative to work through the opinions expressed by others in recent times. Much has been written about corporate boards and their role and function. Corporate boards Importantly, the South African Companies Act, 2008 in Section 76(3) provides as follows in respect of the standard of conduct of a director:”A director, read more..

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