Compliance with the PoPI Act is required by 1 July 2021.  The PoPI-RAM toolkit will help you to comply with the Act.  PoPI RAM is the acronym for the PoPI Readiness Assessment Module.

All businesses need to assess the relative level of compliance readiness of all their respective departments responsible for the personal information of clients, suppliers, service providers, HR, and other operations such as security access, reception, and security gate records.

It enables each of your departments responsible for administering the personal information of individuals and businesses, to effectively, quickly and comprehensively assess and rate your level of compliance across each of these departments and systems you currently use.

PoPI-RAM covers every single section of the Act, posing more than 100 questions to be considered, against the features, functionalities, and current practices applicable to each of your areas of operation.

It also enables each department to formulate a series of actions/controls to be developed and implemented in order for the enterprise or business division to obtain full or reasonable compliance.

Log on now to our PoPI-RAM portal and begin your assessment!  See also the risks associated with data breaches and how much it could cost you.

No expensive workshops to attend again

Unlike our competitors, we do not offer expensive workshops and seminars to be attended which still leaves you bewildered and uncertain as to what needs to be done.

We offer you online access to PoPI-RAM, a comprehensive solution which each department head should take responsibility for.  Executive management is able to immediately and regularly assess the work done or to be done across all departments, the estimated cost for such changes, and how long it is likely to take to obtain compliance.  The PoPI-RAM toolkit will help you to comply with the Act.

The identified actions and controls needed can either be updated to your own enterprise risk & compliance management system, or we will advise you on an appropriate, cost-effective cloud-based risk & compliance management solution if required.

Assess your level of compliance

By completing the PoPI-RAM within a few days, executive management will gain an accurate assessment of the extent of non-compliance across the enterprise and where policies and procedures need to be strengthened.  This includes the development of appropriate actions mitigating controls and a report issued to executive management.

The PoPI-RAM module is modestly priced as a software rental, requiring a once-off payment only.

Once the PoPI-RAM exercise has been completed by an enterprise or business division, the ongoing management of compliance with the Act is the responsibility of the executive. The PoPI-RAM then falls away.

Log in to PoPI-RAM and get going ….

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