Judging the judges

Judges matter. Judging the judges is thus of importance. This is, of course, the reason why many people have been getting so anxious about Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s utterances about law and religion.  Judges not only have the power to decide the fate of those who appear before them accused of a crime, but their read more..

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Saving SAA. While it continues to compete with other airlines!

Why should SAA be saved at taxpayer expense? Why should a few SAA employees receive generous retrenchment benefits as part of the restructure - at taxpayer expense - while millions of private sector employees did not? SAA already had a diminishing market share prior to being placed in business rescue late last year, competing directly read more..

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SA’s public servants ‘very well paid’, OECD says

SA’s public servants are among the best paid in the world when measured against the size of the economy. Who says this? The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). An intergovernmental organisation of 37 member countries, most of them among the world’s wealthier nations. It undertakes a survey of the economy of member and read more..

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CIPC – failure to submit AFS with Annual Returns

Three companies slapped with 10% of turnover fines as they did not file annual financial statements and another 20 companies are being investigated. The case was brought against the companies by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), whose job it is to ensure compliance with the Companies Act. The CIPC says it brought the read more..

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Types of companies subject to audit in SA

Regulation 28 of the SA Companies Act 2008 provides that the following types of companies are subject to audit (unless they are exempted in terms of Section 30(2A) of the Act): 1 – public companies and state owned companies; 2 – any for-profit or non-profit company if it holds assets in a fiduciary capacity as part of its normal course read more..

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Independent Review of AFS in SA

Regulation 29 of the SA Companies Act 2008 provides that every company is subject to an independent review unless: 1 – it is exempted in terms of Section 30(2A) of the Act, or 2 – it is required in terms of its MoI to have its AFS audited, or 3 – it has voluntarily subject read more..

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“Hot cooked food” banned. What an absolute mess.

Yesterday 20 April the good Dr NDZ, CogTA Minister of South Africa, issued amended regulations under the Disaster Management Act 2002. The amendment regulations issued in terms of section 27(2) seeks to clarify the exclusion of hot cooked food from the classification of essential goods. The following holes in this amendment are immediately apparent: Hot read more..

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