As of today, all public schools are closed again.

How on earth does Ramaphosa and his CC expect ten of thousands of families to suddenly make arrangements for their kids to stay at home while both parents have to go to work?  Yep, no thought was given to their predicament, as with most others.

Take the wine producers.  Total close-down last week with absolutely no discussion or prior warning.  Tens of thousands of employees without work.  Wine farmers cannot store any more produce and have to dump it, because mother nature demands that production continues.

Take the hospitality industry.  Tens of thousands of employees without work.  The dear minister wants to play by the BEE rules and our courts did not find it unlawful, unfortunately.  These are mostly small businesses and many have or will close.

Take the tourism industry.  Visitors are prevented from coming to SA without first going into isolation for two weeks.  Two weeks!  Which person in his right mind will visit SA?

Take the restaurant sector.  Trying to live off take-aways and a few diners who may not have a glass of wine. Hundreds of restaurants have or will close down.  Wine is the lifeblood of a pleasant evening with friends or family at a restaurant, but no, it may not be served.

It appears as if the ANC does not care about its millions of voters.  Thuli Madonsela recently mentioned that the lack of empathy of government is most concerning.

The ANC appears intent on destroying the economy.