The CIPC Compliance Checklist– This is an online form to be completed to enable CIPC to track compliance with the Companies Act and Regulations

Compliance Checklist Process:

  • Obtain a quote and a questionnaire for you to complete, from us.
  • Accept our quote via email and issue a purchase order (if applicable).
  • Complete the questionnaire, sign it, and return to us.
  • We will upload the information to CIPC within 24 hours.
  • You will receive from us a copy of the acknowledgment issued by CIPC, for safekeeping.

CIPC requirements:

A total of 24 items appear on the checklist, all of which have to be answered truthfully and with due care.

This checklist will put pressure on company executives and directors to gain a better understanding of the provisions and governance aspects contained in the Act. They will in turn be able to better monitor and manage compliance with the Act and the many other acts that impact on every business enterprise. Failure to comply, or to knowingly make a false declaration about such non-compliance, will not be tolerated.

It is and remains the responsibility of the officials of the company to ensure that the provisions of the Act are complied with, and that correct information is reflected on the CIPC checklist when the details are uploaded.

Our fees:

We offer to scrutinise your returned questionnaire for completeness, to upload the details to the CIPC website and to forward you a copy of the acknowledgment received from CIPC once done.

Our charge for this service is R400 plus VAT.

You will be invoiced at the time we forward you the CIPC acknowledgment. Payment must be made within seven days.

Contact us should you require more details or to obtain a quote for us to render one or more of our other services, or if you require us to quote for a service which is not dealt with on this website.