Temporary Assignments

Temporary assignments


We understand that a critical component of any successful outsourcing project is to work with a qualified, experienced and reliable partner who shares your commitment.

Temporary assignments are based on the employer’s specific needs, i.e. to fill unexpected capacity requirements due to a resignation, sick leave, extended annual leave or a specific project for which the company does not have available in-house resources.  

Temporary assignees are contracted for defined periods.  Depending on the client’s requirements, it may be extended by mutual agreement.

These usually last for a few weeks or a few months, at the most.

“Driving efficiency, we’re your partner….”

We offer a range of business and financial outsourcing services that will meet your requirements.  Services such as business processes, key administrative functions, management services, supply chain, project and vendor management support are our strengths. 

Understanding that your deadlines have to be met and that quality deliverables are to be assured from the onset.  You need to know that you contract with a specialist who brings innovation and commitment from the first day.

We work in partnership with our clients and commit to delivering operational excellence.

Contractual arrangements

The initial discussion would cover the following:

  • what our deliverables would be,
  • the timeframe for our involvement,
  • our fees for such services and payment cycles,
  • working environment, i.e. on-site, remote or hybrid,
  • reporting lines,
  • intellectual property rights,
  • confidential information protection, and
  • communication.

An outsourcing contract will be prepared by the client or ourselves, as agreed, and will include the above aspects plus the following:

  • pre-existing intellectual property rights of both parties,
  • ownership of our deliverables,
  • confidentiality of information not in the public domain,
  • non-disclosure of information relating to the outsourcing contract,
  • conflicts of interest,
  • end of contract arrangements,
  • our deliverables will be subject to us not infringing upon patents and licenses of the company, completing the work in a professional manner and to the best of our ability and we would comply will all laws in doing so.

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