Corruption, corruptionEvery day the media carries new stories of corruption.

It always involves the ANC.

Stephen Grootes refers to it as “How low can you go? The ANC’s never-ending race to the bottom.

Today you can read about the faction fights at NEC level where the members of the top six are accusing one another. “Classic whataboutism‘ – corruption finger-pointing rocks heated ANC NEC meeting” by Qaanitah Hunter.

You can also read any number of articles dealing with corruption exposed at municipal levels. Today’s story is about “Hawks probe Nkomazi municipal manager who appointed himself to oversee R27m Covid-19 budget” by Sizwe Sama Yende.

Where will this end?  Will it ever end?  What can we do as ordinary SAners?

The SIU has been authorised by the Prez to investigate Covid-19 fraud and corruption.  All R500bn of it.  He has “given support to law enforcement agencies to investigate all allegations of corruption involved in the awarding of tenders related to Covid-19.

This will take years and it’s likely that very little will come of it, as usual.

Take for instance the VBS scandal and more specifically the “announcement by ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule that two ANC Limpopo leaders, linked to corruption at VBS, had been reinstated to their position with immediate effect” in early July, again from the pen of Qaanitah Hunter.  By all accounts, that was the majority view of the NEC.

For the NEC, the VBS report was just another report implicating ANC leaders. What’s the fuss? The ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) is filled with people implicated in wrongdoing and corruption. Some are facing charges and many have been accused in forums, like the Zondo Commission of Inquiry investigating state capture.

Never mind the old gogos who lost their life savings. Never mind the hundreds of millions of rands in public funds vanishing overnight.

Magashule’s comments reinforce the view that the ANC doesn’t take corruption seriously. It never will. Not even when money is stolen from the hands of the poor and the aged of Limpopo.

Sad. Very sad.