One of the key strengths of our consultancy practice is the abilities and experience of our network of consultant associates utilised in rendering consulting services.  In an ever-more complex business environment we are able to source the right person for the task at hand, at a fee that will not break the bank.

We can support our clients on either a time-and-material basis, or on a fixed price arrangement.  We operate from Johannesburg but support consulting services assignments anywhere in southern Africa.

We offer our clients a range of value-add consulting services covering the following focus areas, with more details available under each of these:

Our focus

We specialise in the provision of focused consulting input on an informed basis, and in a manner that adds value to the enterprise. Businesses should not adopt a “one size fits all” risk policy and we localise global principles to meet local risk conditions and requirements. Put succinctly: we can help; we know what has to be done.

Our shared experience

We are strong believers in the value of shared experience. Every member of our team has a minimum of 20 years of consulting experience which is made available to clients.

Call us ….

Contact us should you need more information about the services we can render, or to arrange for an in-depth discussion of your requirements.