CIPC Compliance ChecklistSouth Africa’s Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”) introduced a new requirement with effect 1 January 2020.  This must be done at the same time when lodging annual returns.  It is a Compliance Checklist and it’s a mandatory submission to be made.

All companies regardless of size or activity must file it.  However, close corporations and companies which are external branches of internationals, need not file it.

The Compliance Checklist covers the calendar year preceding the anniversary date of the Company’s registration and comprises 24 questions which you need to answer truthfully and with due care.

It is and remains the responsibility of the officials of the company to ensure that the provisions of the Act are complied with, and that correct information is reflected on the CIPC checklist when the details are uploaded.

The questions that CIPC requires you to answer every year are set out on the attached schedule.