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Three Lines Model for risk management

A new model for governance and risk management issued Monday 20 July 2020 by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) makes major updates to the Three Lines of Defense model that has been popular for years. Called “The Three Lines Model,” the new approach is designed to help organizations identify structures and processes that best read more..

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Risk management training

Gaining a competitive edge Far too many enterprises still fail to properly design and implement an enterprise risk & opportunity management framework.  The conventional focus on risk management, even though not generally supported and implemented by many, leaves the enterprise unable to identify and pursue opportunities that may arise.  risk management training is one way read more..

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Enterprise risk management

Risk management is an ongoing process to identify and then manage threats that could significantly impact on, or even bring down the enterprise. This activity involves a regular review of all operations of the enterprise, identifying and quantifying potential business risks, assessing the likelihood of each of these occurring and to formulate appropriate steps / read more..

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ERM Software

We strongly recommend that our clients consider acquiring suitable and cost-effective risk management software to underpin their ERM disciplines. A number of software solutions are available in the South African market and we have selected IsoMetrix as the best and most appropriate supplier to ensure that our clients receive a professional, value-for-money service and after-sales read more..

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